Red Antler

Performance Media Specialist

Full-Time in United States - Performance Marketing

Good Moose is a young performance marketing agency under Red Antler. We are committed to delivering best-in-class growth marketing and paid media services for a diverse range of brands. We're looking for a Performance Media Specialist with extensive experience (3-6 years!) working in Google, Facebook, and other channels. In this role, you'll be a part of a growing media team that focuses on driving conversions and revenue but also helps to define a full-funnel approach to media efforts. In this position, you will gain unparalleled exposure to the entire brand process, from pre-launch to scaling, and build extensive knowledge of best practices in the media industry. We are a dedicated team, passionate about the work we do, how we do it, and who we do it for, and we are looking for a specialist to work and grow with us!


  • In-Platform Management & Execution: Help to set up, optimize, report, analyze and troubleshoot campaigns. Monitor campaign performance, and understand how best to push and pull levers to improve performance over time based on real-time results
  • Account Auditing: You have an astute understanding of performance metrics, benchmarking, and how to analyze on the fly. You would audit performance quickly and with precision, for both existing and potential brand partners.
  • Cross-Team Collaboration & Analysis: Work with internal media team to define a testing agenda and analysis of KPIs to boost performance and show our clients how we can effectively grow revenue and scale over time. Utilize analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, Supermetrics, Google Data Studio, etc. to develop insights and action items intended to increase our clients’ revenues.
  • Team & Client Support: Be integral support for relevant client campaign-specific questions and help effectively and efficiently manage day-to-day responsibilities and workflow of client deliverables internally and externally.


  • Google / Facebook Experience: Ideally 4+ years experience working and managing campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook Ads (ideally $100k+ monthly budgets with performance marketing goals).
  • Additional Channel Experience: If you have experience working in Criteo, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other channels, please let us know!
  • Google / Facebook Thought Leadership: You are a go-to expert on all things paid media-related. You have convictions about what works best and what drives results, and you work according to best practices. You can help to quickly identify performance issues.
  • Analytics Capabilities: High proficiency in Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and any other analytics platforms, including Looker, Rockerbox, Tableau, etc. would be highly appreciated.
  • Other: Exceptional attention to detail with sharp organizational skills and the ability to hit delivery deadlines; prior client-facing experience; meticulous attention to detail; (huge bonus!) tracking evaluation capabilities