Red Antler

Office Manager

Full-Time in United States - Operations

At Red Antler, we launch brands. We’ve done this for Folx, Sheertex, and Prose to name a few. We believe that getting curious, empathetic people together to work toward a shared purpose creates a brand experience that can change the world. As we grow, we are looking to add an Office Manager to our Ops team. This person will be in the office up to three days a week.

Our office is not open in the way it was before the pandemic, but because it’s a photo studio, an ID workshop, a home for many plants, an escape from working from a couch, and a place to gather for group moments, it still needs quite a bit of attention. Success in this role comes from finding joy in being an amazing host - you are someone who is always looking for ways to improve a space and improve peoples’ experience in it. You are someone who enjoys creating moments of surprise and delight.

The role can be bucketed into the following core requirements:

  • Reception. You will track the comings and goings of things and people. This will include the ordering/shipping/tracking of all the equipment we send to people working remotely.
  • Facilities Management. You will manage all repairs and improvements and keep the company in the loop. You will also be the point of contact for all building communications and vendors.
  • Purchasing. People will come to you when they need things that will help them do their jobs or do them better and with more ease. When people experience life milestones, you will be responsible for gifting them appropriately.
  • Culture. Ordering and sending swag, planning team events, and scheduling recurring trainings for the whole company.

What works here:

In a lot of ways, we embody the best things about a startup culture. We are self-starters who know how to create something from nothing. Someone who is both independent and values collaboration will be successful here.