Red Antler

Data Strategist

Full-Time in Brooklyn, NY - Digital Design

At Red Antler, we launch and grow brands. We did this for Casper when they were a 5 person team in 2013; we’re still doing it today for Prose, Jot, and the next brand you haven’t heard of yet. We believe that getting curious, empathetic people together to work toward a shared purpose creates a brand experience that can change the world.

We’re currently looking for a Data and Optimization Lead to join our growing e-commerce strategy team within our Digital practice. This is a role you will help shape- you're comfortable navigating ambiguity and are excited to be a part of building something new. You're an analytical person who thrives in creative environments and will help guide our creative and technology teams to create digital work that exceeds our clients’ business goals.

Who you are:

  • You'll support data-driven decision-making throughout project lifecycles in the digital space. You'll work directly with client teams and clients’ data to provide actionable recommendations for different phases of our design. You have the desire and ability to use an analytical lens to guide, shape, and inform creative processes, decision-making, and output.
  • You have 3-5 years of experience with the design and maintenance of dashboards using tools like Tableau and tools like R for statistical analysis across large datasets. You also understand how to structure and analyze statistically significant A/B tests and are familiar with testing and analytics software such as Optimize, GA, Optimizely, etc.
  • You'll analyze existing client’s current e-commerce and digital product performance and digest reports and identify opportunity areas across on-site analytics, SEO ranking, and previously executed A/B tests.
  • You will support the design of optimization tests, track performance, and identify paths forward based on outcomes. You can effectively define metrics and KPIs that ladder up to meaningful insights and opportunities.
  • You'll help establish industry and client-specific benchmarks for performance across key parts of the customer journey and conversion funnel. You can build, manage, and maintain proprietary dashboards to track current and past clients’ performance.
  • You'll support the design of our quantitative research efforts to understand key insights that can drive feature prioritization, product strategy, and UX/UI for clients.
  • You are excited by different work challenges with an eagerness to learn new ways of working. You also have a passion for working with startups and are interested in the design space.

What works here:

In a lot of ways, we embody the best things about a startup culture. We are self-starters who know how to create something from nothing. Someone who is both independent and values collaboration will be successful here.