Red Antler

Director of Analytics

Full-Time in Brooklyn, NY - Performance Marketing

Good Moose is a young performance marketing agency under Red Antler. We are committed to delivering best-in-class growth marketing and paid media services for a diverse range of clients. We're looking for a Director of Analytics with deep experience in leveraging data to build actionable insights that drive business results and growth for our clients.

In this role, you'll be a part of a growing media company that focuses on driving conversions and revenue, as well as helps to define a full-funnel marketing approach for media efforts. You will be responsible for leading the company’s POV as it relates to media measurement, attribution, testing, reporting, cohort analysis, LTV projections, incrementality analysis, etc. You will gain unparalleled exposure to the entire brand process, from pre-launch to scaling and build extensive knowledge of best practices in the media industry for future industry leaders. We are a dedicated team, passionate about the work we do, how we do it, and who we do it for, and we are looking for an individual to work and create this team from the ground up!

Some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Team Ownership: Define the growth roadmap of your team, building structures, processes, hiring, and facilitating members’ career development. There is also the opportunity to engage and work with brand senior leadership - from Investors to Board Members and CEOs - to help identify and build exciting growth strategies.
  • Testing Structure and Incrementality Development: Lead, define, and oversee testing agendas and processes for clients with the performance marketing team. Understand how to evaluate media and set and measure against benchmarks across channels. Evaluate and analyze internal baselines to define a growth roadmap.
  • Cross-Team Collaboration & Analysis: Work with the media team to streamline and automate reporting structures for efficiency and effectiveness. Work with the media and strategy teams and our creative leads to define a testing agenda and analysis of KPIs to improve performance and show our clients how we can scale their businesses quickly and efficiently. Utilize analytics tools to develop insights and action items intended to increase our clients’ revenues.
  • Thought Leadership: Stay informed on marketing and analytics trends to be able to make recommendations, or help us explore better ways to do our work.
  • Proactive Involvement Recommend changes to websites and apps, offering pricing, etc. to improve conversion rates and reduce friction in the customer journey. Brainstorm and execute new ways to improve cost per acquisition and revenue numbers. Continuously think outside the box to improve performance and the ability to wear many hats.
  • Client Relationship Development: Support the team in growing relationships with existing clients through thought leadership, growth strategy, insights, and media analytics.

Skills and qualities we look for:

  • 7+ years experience working in data analytics, particularly in the marketing / paid media space (more experience is a plus).
  • Team Management & Process Building: Ideally experience in team management and process construction
  • Media Analysis, Performance-Focused: Experienced in performance analysis for paid media, covering multiple channels, including, but not limited to paid social, SEM, and programmatic.
  • Real-Time Insight Gathering & Analysis: Ability to quickly analyze real-time data and notice and alert the team of trends, fluctuations, and other notable factors that could assist them in optimizations and performance improvements.
  • Reporting Process Building: Understanding of how to build streamlined reporting structures
  • Tracking Competency: A fundamental understanding of tracking parameters (pixels, UTMs, etc.) and the ability to identify any potential issues or necessary revisions to be made
  • Projections & Benchmarking: Ability to not only analyze historical performance but to build projections and forward-looking estimations with the performance team
  • Deep Understanding of Analytics Platforms & Tools: this includes, but is not limited to, the following: Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Supermetrics, Tableau, Rockerbox, Glew, Looker, etc. (Knowledge of Shopify is also a huge plus!)
  • Effective Data Visualization & Insights Gathering Skills: You are incredibly astute at conveying complex information in layman’s terms, in visualizing data effectively, and in sifting through and understanding what data is worthy of sharing and contributing to overall performance, and what is not.
  • Other Relevant Tools Experience: Google Drive (Sheets, Slides, etc.), Microsoft Excel, etc.
  • Other Skills: meticulous attention to detail; ability to be a true self-starter; effective time management; strong communication skills (both internal and external client-facing)